Diversity of Watches

The description of a watch is a mechanism that is used for checking time. A watch can either be carried around or worn on a part of the body depending on its design. The design of a watch is so that it will not be interfered with in the event of any activity of a person. Watches exist in two categories as pocket or wrist watches.

The distinction between the pocket and the wrist watch is that the former is meant to be put in the pocket while the latter meant to be fastened around the hand. The first watch was a set of mechanics that were made to work by turning a spring mechanism. Different designs of watches that are more costly also came into existence.

On top of keeping the time, watches were designed to also show days, dates, months and years. Also, there later came electronic watches that used electric power from a battery. With the electronic watches also came features like calculators and alarm functions incorporated into the watch. Technology has seen to it that the watches have advanced into more advanced gadgets.

The spring was used to move watches in the initial times. The watch was even made more automatic to self-wind without having to intentionally wind it. The first self-winding watch was a pocket watch. This kind of watch is automatic and it moves by itself. The wearer can also turn the watch manually in case he has not put it on or if it ceases to turn by his movements.

In the case of electronic watches powered by batteries, it is essential to have the battery changed at a watch repair shop to avoid causing harm to the watch. To avoid tampering with features of the electronic watch, it is vital to visit a professional for servicing of the watch. There is also a type of electronic watches that are designed to use light energy to power their batteries.

Analog and digital kinds of watches are the wide categories that all watches fall into. The common feature with manual watches is that they will have a display with a minute hand, hour hand and with some an additional second hand. These are the kinds of watches that are designed into jewelry and have a wide range of designs on the display.

Only numbers appear on the face of a digital watch. There is also an additional feature in some watches to make them glow in the absence of light to show time. There are watches that give sound to state the time when pressed.

The primary function of a watch is to keep time though many other advanced features have been added to it over time. A watch that is not mishandled will have long life and will have better functioning. One should not attempt to repair or service the watch by themselves if they are not qualified to do so.

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