Accessories are of great importance to a woman’s overall appearance. What many people don’t realize is the right choice of accessories can actually lead to a short woman appearing taller than she is and a tall woman looking less like a giant. Numerous women choose to wear necklaces regularly, but how should one go about choosing a necklace that flatters their height?

Short Women

A short woman needs to take care when selecting jewelry to ensure each piece remains proportional to her body. A petite woman who is thin will want to choose dainty and delicate pieces so they don’t overwhelm her. However, a short woman carrying extra weight will need pieces that are somewhat bigger so they are in proportion to the rest of her appearance. Pearl necklaces are always a great choice if they drape properly. However, a choker necklace isn’t a good option as it tends to make a woman who is short look even smaller. Choose those necklaces that fall at the base of the neck rather than higher up.

Tall Women

A tall woman can wear almost any necklace length with ease. However, there are exceptions to this that need to be considered. For instance, an older woman who has wrinkles on her neck will want to avoid a choker or necklace that falls right at the neck. This draws attention to the wrinkles, which is something no female wants. Furthermore, a woman with a thick neck will want to avoid wide necklaces, as they can make the neck look even bigger. For a tall, thin woman with an ample chest, a necklace that falls either above the bust or below it helps to detract from the chest.

One thing to keep in mind is that every woman should wear jewelry they love. It’s simply a matter of finding the right pieces that flatter the figure. To learn more about doing so, click here. Every item a woman puts on should make her look and feel great. If it doesn’t, it needs to go. Fortunately, fashion jewelry isn’t costly, so a woman can update her collection with ease regularly and not break her budget when doing so. Keep this in mind the next time you go to pick an outfit and the accompanying accessories.