Every woman wants to look her very best, so the clothing she chooses is important. Whether at home, work, or play, having the right outfit on will make a woman feel more confident about herself and allow her to enjoy whatever life throws her way. Knowing how to dress for a woman’s shape is important for letting her true beauty shine through.

Four Main Body Types

There are four main body types women typically have, although some women might have a combination of types. Dressing for their shape allows women to disguise those areas they are not pleased with and enhance the best areas so they glow with confidence.

  • Pear shapes are considered a triangular body shape, with the bottom half being heavier or broader than the top. Dressing a pear-shaped body means bringing more attention to the top half so the two parts even out. Bold colors with chunky jewelry draw the eyes up and away from a larger bottom and hips. When choosing a dress, A-lines are the perfect option for pear shapes.
  • Women with an hourglass shape can wear almost any type of clothing and look their best. To accentuate this shape, choose dresses and outfits that have belts to further show off the hourglass shape of the body. Form-fitting dresses with large belts will balance the perfectness of the hourglass shape to show off a woman’s curves.
  • Apple-shaped women are rightly proportioned and do not have as many curves. A woman with an apple shape should focus on her tops and the jewelry she wears. Flowing looks hide any extra roundness to the body, and the perfect dress for this shape involves strappy numbers.
  • Women with athletic bodies are lacking the curves so they need to work on creating them. Strapless looks and halter tops are a great fit for this body type. Strapless looks can be played up with a great pushup bra, or a woman can choose a short style to show off her great legs.

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