How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

If you are mulling plastic surgery, you need to make some decisions. Even as people often spend so much time imagining the procedure and the likely results, there is something else that is more important at this stage:the plastic surgeon. Not all doctors are qualified or experienced in all procedures, and picking the right plastic surgeon needs more than a referral. Here are the top three points to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon:

Technical Expertise

S. Plastic surgery is such a complex and advanced specialty that is only acquired through many years of education and training. With board certification, you can be sure that a doctor can comply with all safety requirements and is equipped with the medical skills required, but this is just scratching the surface. Research the surgeon’s involvement as far as teaching, writing or speaking about your desired procedure is concerned, and you will see how up-to-date he is in the latest techniques and technology.

Procedure-Specific Experience

Besides the right training and education, your surgeon needs experience with the exact type of surgery you plan to get. Some surgeons focus on certain procedures, and your desired procedure should be one of his “top three.”

The rule is, he should have been doing this operation at least once a week for five or more consecutive years. Plastic surgery is not a simple art and the surgeon must constantly practice to maintain quality in the results. After doing a number of procedures within the last few years, he can give you peace of mind in terms of his skills and abilities.

Impressive Outcome

When people plan to have plastic surgery, they typically focus on the results, yet it’s important to realize that not all plastic surgeries are successful. If you have ensured that e a potential surgeon possesses the needed expertise and experience, you are on the right path, but make sure as well that this doctor can give you great results. In most cases, plastic surgeons will have a file of “before and after” photos, and you need to examine them.

By considering the above, you have covered the physical aspect of your plastic surgery, but you have more out there. Go with a plastic surgeon who is personable as well. What sets a great plastic surgeon from a good one lies in how they interact with patients. There are two things to look into regarding this.

First off, the surgeon must actually care about your feelings and general wellness, and you should feel it. Second, he should be a good communicator, and you must feel comfortable not just during the surgery but after.

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