Many people define a country by what they see. Yet, history is also a must to define a country. A lot of countries have been changing through time. Cambodia is one of the countries who have gone through challenges and still stood as one, a nation, bringing its beautiful history and presenting it to the world. Come with me as we uncover Cambodia and see through it.

Travelling overseas is expensive but put Cambodia off the list. Over-spending will never be an issue once you get there. Apart from saving a lot of money, Cambodia is also rich in history that will surely persuade you to visit it. For some guidance on the top tourist destinations, here are the following facts.

A Buddhist dwelling in Phnom Penh. Considered to be the tallest among religious buildings for its 27meter height, this was made in 1372. Legend explains that Wat Phnom was built as a shelter for Buddha’s four statues along the waters and was explored by a woman named, Penh. Hence, the city name Phnom Penh means ‘hill of Penh’. Its main entrance is guarded by lions and snakes at the grand eastern staircase. To enter Wat Phnom, tourist must purchase a ticket at the ticket office before walking up the hill to the temple. The ticket office is located at the bottom of the eastern staircase. You have to remove your shoes before you enter the temple to show respect.

Next stop, Angkor Wat–when visiting Cambodia, this is on the top list. Angkor Wat was a building built for Hindus but it eventually turned into a Buddhist temple. In the whole Southeast Asia, Angkor Wat is one of the most archaeological sites.

Another on the list is the Royale Palace, this is considered as one of the grandest places to visit in Cambodia. There are some areas that is strictly prohibited to be seen by the public but there are still some other areas that the tourists can visit like the Silvering Pagoda and Throne Hall. The said Palace is a home to His Majesty Preah Bat Smdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk and Her Majesty Preah Reach Akka-Mohesey Norodom Monineath. The Royal Palace was built by His Majesty Preah Bat Norodom, great grandfather to the current King of Cambodia on the year 1866. Travelling to Cambodia is the best thing to do when you want to relieve stress–away from work, business, school and all. Cambodia is such a great place to meditate and restore your peace of mind. There are still a lot of other tourists destinations to visit in Cambodia, if you still have more time and interested to visit all of them then you can search the internet for more great destinations in Cambodia.

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